Why it works?

  • It works because it creates team unity and staff morale
  • It works because staff have no work together to achieve challenging exercise goals, pushing and supporting each other
  • It works because all fitness levels are challenged and catered for in the sessions and nobody is left out so all abilities receive a great workout
  • It works because challenging sessions release endorphins – Feel good hormones which reduces stress level
  • It works because you can fit it in your lunch break
  • It works because the coach is motivating you every step of the way
  • It works because we can come to you = No Hassle – No Fuss!!

Corporate wellness SPARTA Team Training is a high intensity, self paced cross training system designed for every company. It is a fun, effective structured workout which combines a variety of weight training, bodyweight and cardiovascular exercises providing a more challenging and motivating group exercise experience.

Corporate team training focuses on creating exercise sessions that require staff to work together toward a designated session goal. Various exercise goals are set throughout the sessions for small groups within the team or the whole team to work together to achieve. The exercise goals are fun and challenging and involve a range of weight training, bodyweight, and cardiovascular exercises. Sessions take between 45 – 50 mins.

Current programme participants


This is an ideal programme for all Newbies.
An one-off payment of just $99!
+ 1 on 1 Introduction Session (Key Movements & Goal Setting)
+ 1st Week UNLIMITED Membership Included
+ 7-day Nutritional Kick-start Plan
+ Free piece of SPARTAFIT Merchandise
+ Discounted "No LIMIT" membership after