SPARTAFIT – Best Gym in Auckland

The year, 2020, entered in our lives with boom and we did everything to celebrate except remembering our New Year resolution.

We look ourselves in the mirror and decide to change, but our bad habits and lack of purposeful life come in the way.

Now, if you have really decided to finally make a change in your life, it’s time to break the leg with one of the best in the business, SPARTAFIT, the best gym in Auckland.

What makes us different from others is that we are unorthodox in our training style and we want you to succeed, get fit, push your limits and break personal self-development goals through active participation. We have a team of professionals that guide you throughout your fitness journey and makes sure that you don’t’ procrastinate and hit the right form of each exercise.


You must come and join us to see yourself, why we are the best gym in Auckland!

We strive hard to maintain high standards because to build healthier community and ultimately healthy nation is our primary aim.

Let me count you through benefits you get once you join SPARTAFIT:

We have a team of personal trainers
that can tailor a program according to your individual needs. If you are novice in fitness world and don’t know the necessary details or even if you are intermediate to advanced, we have a team of experts that can guide you through the whole journey. They will pinpoint your mistakes that will tremendously improve your progress.
  1. If you are in weight loss mode
  2. we can help you achieve that with great success. We offer 6 week challenge program that will not only lead to weight loss but also transform your body completely. You will lose fat and gain muscle at the same time; with that we also provide nutrition support to maximize benefits.
  3. We have martial art sessions for little kids. This gives them exposure to fitness world and imprints in their minds the importance of fitness and healthier lifestyle from the very beginning. So you have kids to take care of and can’t join gym; we have solution for you, take them along and we will take care of the rest. Check out SPARTAkids –
  4. One special quality that sets us apart from other gyms near you and makes us unique is that, we make sure you follow through and give your maximum. Our team keeps check on you and warns you when you are procrastinating. This makes immense difference, because it is human psychology that it performs to its full potential when there is an upper control over it.
  5. We have an awesome community of people that have common interests and make support groups. This make an atmosphere of motivation, add professional guidance over that, you will have an environment of great personal growth, both physically and mentally.
  6. We even have a chiropractor onsite! Revolution Chiropractic

You know what; every one of us knows the importance of being fit and adapting a healthier lifestyle. Yet there are only few people who actually take action and change their lives. There is a difference between knowing and actually doing it. This is the time you join us and get your goal physique for the winters; and that you are not ashamed to show off your body at the beach next summer.

Best gym in Auckland
SPARTAFIT, best gym in Auckland

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This is an ideal programme for all Newbies.
An one-off payment of just $99!
+ 1 on 1 Introduction Session (Key Movements & Goal Setting)
+ 1st Week UNLIMITED Membership Included
+ 7-day Nutritional Kick-start Plan
+ Free piece of SPARTAFIT Merchandise
+ Discounted "No LIMIT" membership after