If you are after results, you’re going to want to work with one of the personal trainers at SPARTAFIT!

SPARTAFIT Personal Trainers are true fitness experts. Our trainers can tailor a programme or fitness regimen to your individual goals and requirements, and get you there – fast! Whether it be: weight loss, strength and muscle gain, athletic performance or even stress relief ( sleeping better anyone?).

We can also provide comprehensive nutrition guidelines and support.

Why use a personal trainer? Undivided attention, elimination of potential mistakes and errors most individuals make when training, sound advice gleaned from years of study and experience, decrease in the time taken to reach the set targets, motivation, accountability – the list is endless if you still aren’t convinced ask yourself – if you don’t need a trainer, why aren’t you at your goals yet and instead still on this page?

Get in touch with us, our team of highly experienced and qualified trainers are ready to get to work with you on your goals.

Session duration starts at 30 minutes, with the availability for 45 and 60-minute sessions.

Individual Programming can be provided by your personal trainer, work it in alongside your gym classes!


For more details please contact SPARTAFIT on (09)418-3178


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