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Get you in, get you fit, and get you on with your life.
We offer a variety of fitness classes to keep your workouts varied and challenging.

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Welcome To Spartafit

Our inclusive blend of strength & conditioning is designed to get you in, get you fit, and get you on with your life.

We offer a variety of fitness classes to keep your workouts varied and challenging.

Book your no sweat intro today – a tailored introduction to our fitness programmes & guided class experience to kick start your fitness journey.

Partnered with local companies Revolution Chiropractic and Little Ninja to bring you an unrivaled epicenter of great workouts, martial arts and care.

Our customer reviews

15. June, 2023.
Sam's been great to work with 😊 I really appreciate her attention to good quality form. She's also been really receptive to feedback from the team, I feel like our training sessions are well catered to our goals. Looking forward to training more with her and the SpartaFit team.
26. March, 2023.
How I wish I had found you guys sooner!! What a fantastic team you have out there. Thanks to Gabe for making training so much fun and to trainer Suga, thank you for turning my “cannots” into “cans.” You’ve pushed me further than I thought I could go. Wish you guys all the best.
Angelica Cardenas
Angelica Cardenas
7. March, 2023.
I joined Spartafit in January 2022 after paying the gym for more than a year without going. I have no discipline to workout, very lazy about it... Miyagi told me you only need to show up and he was right! Once you're there, their incredible coaches will encourage you to go through the sessions. Gab, Suga, Derek and Tom are great! I highly recommended!
Matt Illingworth
Matt Illingworth
25. February, 2023.
Awesome intimate gym with great people, highly recommend
Charis Allison
Charis Allison
12. December, 2022.
I've been at spartafit for 9 months now and have been so pleased with my decision to join their gym. The effort that all the coaches put into cultivating such an incredible gym culture is so evident - it's what gets me up at 6 am each day to head to a class. Knowing that I will be challenged but so well supported and encouraged by EVERYONE is such a nice feeling. Truly the best gym community I have been a part of. And if that's not enough, you WILL get the results you want to see in your body and your daily habits and mental health. The holistic support you will find at Sparta rivals any other.
diane hanna
diane hanna
17. September, 2022.
I'm so glad I joined Spartafit. I've belonged to gyms before but soon lost interest. I havent here. It is like a little community. Everyone is friendly and encouraging. The coaches are awesome. Encouraging and non judemental. They really get involved with your personal journey. The patience they show is commendable. And they need alot with me. I totally recommend this gym to anyone who wants to feel part of the community and get fit at the same time.
Irene Cris
Irene Cris
21. July, 2022.
Excellent personal training. Dedicated trainers that go above and beyond to support you in achieving your goals. Fantastic gym that feels more personal. Highly recommended!
Shobika Nair
Shobika Nair
15. March, 2022.
It's my third week at Spartafit and I am glad I picked the right place ! The coaches are super friendly, encouraging and supportive. It's a great community to get fit with ! Would definitely recommend to those wanting some fun while pushing to achieve fitness goals 💪🏼
Tom Fogarty
Tom Fogarty
8. March, 2022.
High energy, intense workouts and good vibes. An outstanding community with people from varying backgrounds and fitness levels. Great variety in workouts and classes, something for everyone! The high energy from the coaches keeps everyone motivated to push further with intense workouts that keep you sweating and smiling at the same time. Easy 10/10 for me SPARTA!!!

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This is an ideal programme for all Newbies.
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