Suitable for all fitness levels

SPARTAKIDS is a coach-lead group fitness class focused on children aged 6 and above.
This is a fantastic place for your child to start their fitness journey.

We cater for children at all levels, whether your child is an athlete wanting to improve their general fitness or they have never tried a push up in their life, we are the class for you! We adjust all sessions according to your child’s ability.

We enhance participation by making things as fun as possible. Technique is also a core component of our workouts, making sure that your child is exercising effectively and safely. This classes involves drills to improve speed, strength and agility.

For the latest class times, you can contact us or go onto our website and click timetable which you will find under class schedule here

What’s involved in a class?

All our classes begin with a warm up before moving onto our workout of the day, where we will choose a unique set of drills for each ession aimed at improving either speed, strength, agility, endurance or all the above! We then finish with a warm down, important for helping muscles recover and relax.

One of the best kids and teens fitness classes on the North Shore, Auckland!

The only pre-requisite is a can-do attitude, so get in early and BOOK TODAY
The classes are priced at $20 per session or $180 per school term (one session per week).


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