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What is harmful blue light?

Most of us rely on digital devices on a daily basis, from texting, to answering emails, checking social media, and even reading books. It’s undeniable that smartphones and computers play a huge role in our lives. One concern when using such devices is overexposure to blue light. According to NZ Ministry of Health,  harmful blue light is produced naturally by the sun, and our bodies use it to regulate our natural sleep and wake time, which helps keep us healthy. However blue light is also produced by modern technology such as our phones and other screens. If were using these at night, we may risk disrupting our natural sleep cycle. Poor sleep can lead to various negative impacts on our overall health and vitality. If you want to feel the best you can throughout the day, quality sleep is super important!

Check out this article from Harvard Health

How can we mitigate the effects of harmful blue light?

According The Strategist, the best way to reduce exposure to blue light in the evenings. Is to avoid using digital screens in the hours leading up to sleeping. However for many of us this may not be possible.Luckily there are other options! Most phones and computers allow you to change the settings to ‘night mode’ in the evenings. Lowering the amount of blue light produced on the screen. Another popular option is blue light blocking glasses. They filter out the blue light from your surroundings, promoting melatonin production and restfulness. Research suggests that using blue light blocking glasses in the hours before bedtime helps you achieve that great night’s sleep. There are now so many flattering and inexpensive blue light glasses on the market, so why not give it a try and take a step towards reaching optimum health!

These are thoughts from our experienced personal trainer, if you have something that you like to share regarding this topic we would be gladly appreciated!

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