Do you want to get stronger?

We have something perfect for you!

We have something exciting coming up!!!!

A new class called SPARTA Strong + will sort you out.

This 8 week strength cycle will focus on increasing strength and numbers across the base lifts – Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift and Overhead Press, with a secondary focus on Olympic Lifting and Strongman movements.

  • Increase muscular strength
  • Increase tendon and ligament strength
  • Higher 1RMs on the main lifts
  • Improved muscular endurance with lighter weights during workouts.
  • Increase bone density and muscle tissue

Strength is a “Skilled Act”

Your body adapts to training and gets stronger/bigger/faster/smaller because of the neural, muscular, hormonal, and skeletal changes that are the result of chosen training stimulus. Is it possible, then, to get stronger without getting bigger?

Yes, it is. It all depends how strong one wants to be. I really liked this description, as it implies you can teach your body to be strong.

Ideal for anyone looking to start getting fit, improve their performance on the gym floor, or just look and feel stronger.

When: Mondays at 9:30am

Why: Because it feels awesome to be strong!

Cost: Free for members, for non members $25 per class

Sign up for a drop in HERE 

Learn about how to make your posture better HERE


This is an ideal programme for all Newbies.
An one-off payment of just $99!
+ 1 on 1 Introduction Session (Key Movements & Goal Setting)
+ 1st Week UNLIMITED Membership Included
+ 7-day Nutritional Kick-start Plan
+ Free piece of SPARTAFIT Merchandise
+ Discounted "No LIMIT" membership after