Why you shouldn’t follow healthy eating

In today’s world many people still believe that in order to lose weight you must eat
“healthy,” although fallowing a healthy diet plan could definitely help you lose weight it is
absolutely not the end all be all of weight loss and being hyper focused on eating healthy
definitely has its own problems and today we are going to discuss them.

The biggest problem with healthy eating is that no one seems to be able to agree what
really is eating healthy, for example keto diet would say eating carbs is bad, high
carbohydrate and low fat diet followers would tell you the opposite and then there are also
vegans that say all animal products are bad and should be eliminated. So really at the end of
the day what is healthy and unhealthy is actually really subjective.

What many people would do when trying to eat healthy is basically eliminate all processed
foods and only eat unprocessed foods such as chicken, broccoli and rice. Whenever you try
to eliminate a food group and label it as “bad food” physiologically you will want to eat that
food and once you do you will just feel guilty about it because its labelled as the bad food.

This style of dieting will lead to binged eating because the person following it will feel so
deprived that he/she will just full go on a full binge when they reach their breaking point
and can’t take it anymore and just gain back all they weight that they worked so hard to

So, what to do instead? Studies have shown multiple times that biggest factor that
determines weight loss/gain is not how healthy you are eating; it is in fact whether you are
in a calorie surplus or deficit. So therefore, the best thing to do would be to just make sure
that you track all your calories and make sure you are in a calorie deficit and try to fit your
favorite foods into your diet. Short term diets often lead to people giving up and just gaining all the weight back, for more information please click here 




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