Is dirty bulking a good idea?

Today we are going to be discussing the topic of dirty bulking such as weather its effective,
the advantages and the disadvantages.

A dirty bulk is defined as a period of unrelenting weight gain by any means necessary to
promote muscle and strength gains.

Basically, to sum this up it is just essentially
trying to eat as much food as possible to gain as much total body weight as possible in
hopes of gaining maximum amount of muscle.

Many people find it difficult to lose weight but however there are also some people that may find it difficult to gain weight, in
that case dirty bulking could be a helpful tool for them because on a dirty bulk it is usually a
significant calorie surplus which would lead to weight gain.

Dirty bulking can also aid muscle
and strength gains, when dirty bulking is programmed with resistance training it could lead
to muscle gain.


One is definitely unwanted weight gain. Due to the fact that this “diet” requires no
tracking of calories what so ever it will cause your body to be in a huge calorie surplus which
causes muscle gain as well as a lot of unwanted fat gain.

Therefore, if you happen to be an
athlete, bodybuilder or just an average person that wants to put on more muscle you may
find that when it is time to cut weight there will be a lot more weight to cut.

In conclusion I believe that by doing a dirty bulk would not be recommended in most cases because
most of the time the negatives do out weight the positives, the only group that could befit
from dirty bulking would be the people known as “hard gainers” because they generally
have a difficult time putting on size and would therefore benefit by trying this.

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