Is Strong The New Sexy?

There’s NOTHING bad about being strong.⁣

I try to be as unbiased as possible but this is something I wholeheartedly believe to my freken core: all humans should strive for strength.⁣

Before you think of CrossFit girls slaying clean and jerks, flipping tires and squatting weight that makes my mum cover her eyes and remark, ‘Is that realllllllly necessary?’⁣

Well, actually, she’s got a point. No, it’s not.⁣

Why? Because strength is relative to YOU, my friend. ⁣

Strength COULD look like:

1. Back squatting your b/w
2.Squatting with full range of motion for the 1st time
3. Holding plank for 10 sec
4. Holding plank for 5 min

Whichever end of the spectrum you’re on (which, BTW, neither side is better than the other – just different), there’s nothing bad about getting strong. ⁣

Your smart. You know this and know it’s important. But I just want to reiterate how important. ⁣

Physical pain (knees cranky, shoulders barking at you, lower back screaming)? Focussing on your movement and strength will help. ⁣

Wanna make body composition changes?

Thats cool. But hypertrophy training is what is going to give you the change you want. I ain’t gonna lie: it takes time. So I HIGHLY encourage you to have a different focus in the gym (strong, yo) and the body comp changes come as a by product.⁣

Already crushing the weights but you’re lifting as fast as you possibly can to get as sweaty as you can BUT have a goal to be stronger? Stop, take a breath. This is not necessarily going to get you stronger. Faster and harder will lead to plateau. ⁣

Key things for getting strong:

1. Follow a program that progresses week to week by sets, reps, weight
2. Lift in a range that focuses on strength and hypertrophy (6-12 reps)
3. Utilise tempo and rest
4. Use an intensity that is focussed on lifting at a weight that is tough but you’re able to keep your form
5. Have intent to move well with each session
6. Leave conditioning for conditioning⁣

Article by coach Olivia Park


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