Loosing Weight Made Clear Cut

If you are anything like me, it is very easy to get caught up and overwhelmed by all the fad
diets, exercise programs and supplements these days. Everyone claiming to have the secret
hack to a beach body. It gets paralysing the amount of conflicting information on the internet.
I am not going to promise a six pack in a few weeks, but here are a few tips that will
guarantee to help you loose weight in a sustainable and healthy way.

Be in a Calorie Deficit
The short answer is to burn fat and loose weight your body needs to be burning more calories than you
For example, an average man needs 2500 calories daily to maintain (This can vary wildly
depending on genetics, weight, height). To lose one pound per week he would need a 500-
calorie deficit, 2000 calories daily.

There are two ways to get into a calorie deficit, exercise and diet.

Diets to loose weight?
Eat whole foods. Eat foods that are low energy density. Like fruits, vegetables, whole-grains.
These sorts of foods will get you full faster on less calories than high energy density foods.
Also, another trick is drinking more water, especially before a meal it can help us feel fuller,
therefore stopping us over-consuming calories

Exercise helps to loose weight
The second way to get into a calorie deficit is through exercise. For exercise I recommend
both cardio and weight training. Both will burn calories, the good thing with weight training though is it burns calories even when you are not working out.
This is because weight training builds muscle, and muscle burns requires more calories to maintain (essentially burning fat) The greater your muscle to fat ratio, the more calories your body burns even while you are standing still.
Also vary the intensity and duration of exercise, this will ensure you are using all your body’s different energy systems. These are all things that we incorporate in our workouts here at Priorityfitness Northcote.

Track your Caloric intake
This is optional, but it will ensure you aren’t accidentally overeating. An easy way to do this
is with food tracker apps. I personally recommend tracking food at least for a month to give
you a good idea of how much food is in what. After this you will have a rough idea and can
guesstimate your intake from then on.

I can’t stress enough the importance though of giving your body time to lose weight. The
NHS recommend about half a kilo per week for long term and healthy weight loss. Its about
making healthy living a lifestyle and not yo-yoing every new diet plan. Consistency is key guys.

Written by Nathan Wright (Intern at SPARTAFIT)




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