Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle LONG TERM; Our Top Tips!

Starting a new diet and fitness regime is great, but whats even better is being able to keep to it for the rest of your life!

Diets are usually short term things as you don’t want to be on a diet for the rest of your life. This is why you need to change your LIFESTYLE. Starting a healthy lifestyle can be hard but it is also so rewarding.

An important part of living a healthy lifestyle is being able to maintain it long term.

Here are our top tips for living a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain and how to be in it for the long run;

1. Be inspired!

In order to keep on track and find a healthy balanced lifestyle for yourself you need to want to do it. You have to want to be healthy and be motivated to keep fit. Following good blogs like ours, following inspirational athletes on social media and watching Health and fitness youtube videos that you love to watch will keep your goals fresh in your thoughts and ultimately remind and motivate you everyday to keep doing what you love to do! If you are constantly motivated it will be so much easier to maintain your healthy lifestyle long term.

2. Be prepared and organised!

This means.. don’t set yourself up for failure! Make sure you have a fridge full of healthy foods and not unhealthy, processed foods which you will grab for whenever you have a craving. Keep your favourite healthy foods close by so they’re the first thing you reach for.

3. Switch it up!

I know its easy to plan to do chicken and veggies all week but will you really stick to it? You’ll probably end up not eating all your prepped meals because you simply get sick of it. Instead, Make healthier versions of your favourite foods and eat what you are craving. This will make it easier to stay on track throughout the journey. Search up new recipes and enjoy your food!


There is no point in setting goals that are so far from reach. The easiest self sabotage is setting crazy goals in ridiculous time frames that you know you won’t achieve. This is going to result in you feeling worse about not being able to reach these goals and you’ll probably give up! Set goals that are realistic so you feel good when you reach them!

5. Don’t have an ‘all or nothing’ approach!

Having an ‘all or nothing’ actually doesn’t help when it comes to fitness and health. It means that one tiny slip up become days of big slip ups. When you have this mindset you’ll feel super bad about making small mistakes or days off. If you have a positive mindset and think “oh well, tomorrow is a new day I’ll make up for this chocolate bar at the gym tomorrow” It will keep you on track in the long game and ultimately be more maintainable.

6. Find a fitness style you LOVE!

If you don’t like running. Don’t run! Exercising is a huge part of being healthy and you need to find something you enjoy doing; boxing, swimming, dancing, crossfit? The options are endless! The more you enjoy it the more you’ll stick to it!

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