Should I be doing weights after 40 ??

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7 reasons to include weight training as a part of your life if you are over 40 💪
✅ You’ll burn more energy!

A study published in 2014 showed that after 9 months of resistance training you could expect to see an increase of RMR of 5%. This means you in 9 months you could be burning 5% more energy per day than you are now 🤯

✅ Improved sleep!

A study done in 2005 targeting adults aged 50 years and older showed a significant correlation between resistance training and better sleep. The adults in this study had a 38% improvement in sleep quality after 6 months of resistance training 😴

✅ Stronger bones!

The German anatomist and surgeon Julius Wolff developed a law that describes the nature of bone remodeling. Wolff’s Law states that bones will adapt to the degree of mechanical loading, such that an increase in loading will cause bone to strengthen. Furthermore, a decrease in stress on the bone will cause these bones to weaken 🦴

✅ Reduced risk of injury!

One review done in 2018 on 7,738 athletes found strength-training programs reduced the risk of injury by 33%. It was found to lower the risk of injury in a dose-dependent manner, meaning for every 10% increase in strength-training, there was a 4% reduced risk of injury 🏃‍♀️🏃

✅ Improves confidence.

A study done in 2015 over 10 weeks with 2 weights training sessions per week on 341 women showed strength training was associated with significant improvements in several dimensions of body image, satisfaction, and comfort 🤩

✅ Decrease the chance of falls as you get older!

One review including 23,407 adults over the age of 60 showed a 34% reduction in falls among those who participated in a exercise program that included resistance training ⚖️

✅ Helps manage blood sugar levels!

A study published in 2017 reviewing 360 patients at an average age of 66 showed that regular resistance training improves glycemic control and muscle strength in patients with Type 2 Diabetes 💪

Remember when you start, keep your weight training simple. 2 full body sessions per week, try to include a leg, push, and pull exercise in both sessions 🔥


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