Why Busy Parents Still Need To Be Fit?


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For the past year Priorityfitness has been running a successful Bootcamp class to help mums and dads get their fitness and energy levels back up.

We have many repeat members and we have adored seeing their babies go from tiny bubbas to crawling mischief-makers to wobbling tots and pre-schoolers.

We value the time that we get to spend with the mums and dads!
Taking the stress and worry out of a workout is just one of the many things we love being able to offer our bootcampers.

Our bootcamp classes run on Mondays, Wednesdays  and Fridays at 10am. All you need to bring is yourself, baby and some water. For more information, please contact us on

Looking forward to meeting you

It can:
* Boost your mood by increasing the levels of feel-good chemicals (endorphins) in your brain.
* Help you to lose weight and regain your pre-baby figure, if you eat sensibly.
* Protect you from aches and pains.
* Give you more energy, if you are feeling tired.
* Improve your strength and stamina, which will make looking after your kids easier.

This is a fun social workout experience with other likeminded parents!

We will use constantly varied functional body weight movements to tone and tighten your tummy, arms, butt and thighs.


Important information before you start:

When can I start to exercise after giving birth? “It depends on how fit you were when you had your baby, and how straightforward your labour was. If you did regular exercise up until the end of your pregnancy, and your baby’s birth went smoothly, you can do some light exercise and stretching soon after the birth (ACOG 2002, Davies et al 2003). You should take up exercise more gradually if you:
  • didn’t exercise regularly before or during pregnancy
  • had an assisted birth
  • experienced complications in labour
  • had a caesarean (RCOG 2006)
  • are having problems with leaking wee

However, you can begin exercising pelvic floor and lower tummy muscles as soon as you feel ready. Pelvic floor exercises are essential to protect against leaking wee (stress incontinence) after birth (Boyle et al 2012). It is important to strengthen these before you begin to do lots of tummy muscle work or sit-ups, or you may find that you begin to leak during exercise(Junginger et al 2010).
If you feel tired, don’t overdo things. Pace yourself and rest when you need to (ACPWH 2010).

Why should I wait to exercise after the birth?

If you had back pain or pelvic pain when you were pregnant, talk to your GP or a physiotherapist before you exercise.

If you had a caesarean, it will take a while to recover from your baby’s birth. Think of the first six weeks or so as the healing phase. You may be feeling very tired, so don’t do too much, too soon. Try to wait until after your postnatal check, at between six weeks and eight weeks after the birth, before taking up exercise other than walking.

Pregnancy hormones can also affect your joints for up to six months after childbirth. So be careful not to do too much high-impact activity too soon (ACPWH 2010), if you are not used to this type of exercise.

How can I lose weight after having a baby?

Eating a healthy, balanced diet, and taking regular exercise, will give you the best chance of returning to a healthy weight after having a baby. This approach will help your baby weight to fall off gradually and safely, and will increase the chance of the weight staying off. The important thing is to develop good habits that you can keep up.

Remember that your body needs time to recover from labour and birth. Give yourself plenty of time to get back in shape, and don’t despair if the weight doesn’t fall off immediately”



This is an ideal programme for all Newbies.
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