Searching for a gym in Northcote.

Are you currently searching for a new gym to call home out in Northcote? search no longer Spartafit is the gym you have been searching for.

Our coach recently posted a list of decrees that would best describe what Little Ninja classes are all about, it’s brilliant and so be sure you check it out on the Little Ninja page.
Here are what we came up with for the adults  :
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Here are a few answers to queries.

1) Firstly, this is not a normal gym/ box/ fitness facility so leave those “ normal gym” expectations at home.

2) This is Not a ego driven facility, Do not come with expectations that it is all “ big guns” and selfie takers. You will be disappointed…

3) The formation of discipline is formed over time and not taught but is very important as it will take you far in life.

4) The training is safe and the lessons are serious. The lessons are for people who want to be fit, no matter whether they are beginners or experts.

There is no easy way out but it will not always be easy!!

5) We will help to adjust your training if required please speak to the coach taking the class.

6) Albeit it is a business but a business of making a healthy impact on our communities and funding is crucial the sustainability of our gym .

7)The coaches and the athletes are all students, always.

8) Fitness and health are life priorities and this is non negotiable.

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If have any queries or you are wanting more information about your new home, Feel free to click HERE



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