Fit and Built for Winter

Winter is already the hardest season on the body, so keeping fit and built for winter is essential! By keeping your health and fitness to the best of its ability it will help with improving your winter training. Follow these tips to help with keeping you fit and built for winter training.
Anyone can have a great summer, looking all fit and sharp, anyone can have a great life when the economy is at it’s best, but what happens when we head to “winter”??Let us collate this into 6 ways to shift your mindset, by which we really mean develop your self-awareness and leave yourself open to becoming unstuck and make shifts happen!
  1. Ride the waves, and treat your procrastination and overthinking with respect, talk to yourself in a way that would be nurturing, supportive and positive enough to say to a child.
  2. Rather than say ‘I should have done…’ try saying ‘I can if I choose to…’ And give yourself permission to choose to take care of yourself and reduce your overwhelm, instead of ‘doing’ at times.
  3. Remember your WHY. This links into also checking in with yourself if you are barking up the right tree! WHY do you need to do certain things? Make sure there is something in it for you and that you keep yourself a priority in everything you do.
  4. Ask yourself ‘If I wasn’t feeling this (remember the box of feelings) what would I be feeling instead? You can use this principle for doing to, ‘If I wasn’t procrastinating what would I be doing instead? If it doesn’t make your face light up then check in with point 3 and see if there is anything you can change?
  5. THOUGHTS are different to FACTS and we need to treat them as such! If you find yourself internally validating your thoughts as though they were facts rather than stories then change that dialogue and separate yourself out from them! Instead of saying ‘I must do everything’ you could say ‘I notice I am telling myself that I have to do everything’ so distance yourself more from the thoughts they are not facts!
  6. Consider all elements of your whole self as equally important for your self-esteem, which affects your ability to succeed in all areas of your life – balance – thinking & feeling! And REMEMBER – We ALL overthink at times, We ALL procrastinate and feel like we have wasted time, We ALL need taking care of, We ALL have feelings and thoughts, There is only ONE of you! Treat every part of YOU with the respect YOU deserve! Consider all elements of your whole self as equally important for your self-esteem, which affects your ability to succeed in all areas of your life – balance – thinking & feeling!

12 Week Weight Loss Challenge!!


1. How many times are you training weekly?
Tuesday , Wednesday and Friday.

2. What’s the earliest time you can make the sessions?
5.50 AM

3. How are you finding our programmes (boot camp, SPARTA,Booty camp, Real Boot camp)? Hard, easy?
I am part of the Sparta training – I find it pretty hard most times, especially when the cardio is incorporated.

4. What would you like to do more?
I feel there is a good balance between cardio and weights but i do prefer the classes when it isnt just weights, only because i need to get my fitness levels up.

  • Best of luck to all of our contestants in this challenge, this is going to be hard, but good!! Win win for everyone.
  • Thank you to our sponsor -Poke Poke Cafe in Takapuna!!

Being built for winter means being mentally and physically prepared for it. So are you built for winter?

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