The Impact of Strength Training on Anti-Aging

Regular exercise has been widely acknowledged to help us live longer and decrease the chances of health problems. A recent study examined the effectiveness of weight training. This involved 260 healthy young adults (mean age 24 years) and 250 healthy older people (mean age 68 years). 🏋️

These individuals engaged in resistance training and performed various workouts, including seated rows, shoulder and leg presses, etc., for six months. Accordingly, subjects increase from 1 set at 50% of their maximum repetition (1RM) to 3 sets at 80% of their 1RM throughout the treatment sessions.

Before and during the study, each individual got a muscle biopsy. It involved making a small incision and extracting a little piece of muscle from the vastus lateralis. According to the authors, there were 596 genes whose expression varied between the two age groups. Also, the researchers found 179 genes related to age and exercise whose expression changed significantly.

After six months of resistance training, they found 179 genes related to age and exercise whose expression changed significantly.

Therefore, it suggests that the genetic effects of aging can be slowed down and reversed by resistance exercise.

So what does this imply for you?

👉 Age-related anxiety 👴
👉 No longer exercise 💪
👉 Poor health 🫀

In fact, according to a new study on the emotional impacts of lifting weights, strength training by older people may increase not only strength and muscle mass but also motivation and confidence, which may encourage them to keep working out.

In sum, just 2 weightlifting workouts each week could help to slow down and perhaps reverse some of the effects of aging. It doesn’t have to be hard. Leg, push, and pull exercises performed twice a week for 3 sets of repetitions are a great way to start.

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