This is NOT a Normal Gym

By Mitra
SPARTAFIT is more than a gym, it is a community. Our members built this gym, there are no swipe cards, we celebrate people’s birthdays and organise get-togethers for special events.
If you walk into our gym the first thing you notice is the artwork. Our members quite literally built this gym, all our artwork is designed and created by our members, its helps give our gym a personalised and original feel in which all our members can embrace.
SARTAFIT gives you the opportunity to achieve your individual goals as a part of a team. We provide support in every way possible. Our coaches create the workouts and guide you through the session. They are always there to push you, give you feedback and track your progress. Our workouts often include partner activities with our members always there to support one another.
Here at SPARTAFIT it’s the little things that count, asking how your day was? Saying happy birthday. Talking about the latest news in the life of you. We are a super social gym. Everyone knows everyone by name and we are always going to make you feel special on your special day.
We work on a scratch your back kind of system. We help to support others with likeminded beliefs. Two examples of business that we are united with: Mangolash –an experienced lash and brow artist who runs her clinic from the base of our gym.
We also work in close alliance with Revolution Chiropractic, located on the same block and here to help members get back on their feet, supporting them through any niggles and injuries.
Is your gym just not giving you the motivation you need to achieve your goals?
At Priorityfitness, we will support you through your fitness journey 100% of the time.
You will never be bored or endlessly running on a treadmill again.
If you to be a part of our community, join us today!
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