Welcome to the Vegan Month Challenge: February

Why? Because you can .

Vegans remove all animal products from their diet for many reasons. Whether it’s because they hope to save the planet by saving animals or just feel healthier overall without meat and dairy in their diet, vegans have become an ever-increasing craze for people to join. If you are a vegan or have friends who are vegans, then check out Vegan Cuisine Month, a month dedicated to all things vegan and what you can do to make your favorite foods vegan and cruelty-free.

How to Celebrate Vegan Cuisine Month
If you want to be accommodating and start trying out vegan cuisine, then look up vegan recipes online to try out and host a party at your place. Going out for the night? then ask for a vegan option at your favorite restaurant and see what they have to offer. Be proud to be a vegan, then take pictures of your food and use the hashtag #VeganCuisineMonth and #AVS in your social media posts. You can also join a local organization and find friends in a vegan community who love being vegans.

When you join the challenge you will receive usage of the SPARTAFIT app, set up your custom plant based meal plans and you are good to go!

Lots of weight loss success stories have ventured from switching to this diet, just another reason to go vegan = )

DM us or email support@spartafit.co.nz

Cost for the challenge is $49

Do it!

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