Top Methods for Losing Weight in 2019

Losing weight is never easy and over half way into 2019 you would perhaps have a new weight loss goal. If you wanted to approach a half year resolution aggressively and lose weight quickly, it’s important to use some of the best modern methods for weight loss. Here are some of the top methods for losing weight in 2019 so that you can accomplish:
Pick up a fitness tracker:
Fitness trackers are everywhere now. Almost every smart phone has the capability to track your fitness in some way. The price of tickets has come down considerably and there are plenty of alternative options that you can use as well. Using a fitness tracker can really help you to see just how many calories you are burning weekly. The activities that you can link up with this fitness tracker can also be a motivating force to keep you exercising. As an added benefit of fitness trackers you can work at keeping your heart rate and a good target level for maximum fat burning.
Try out bodyweight exercises DAILY:
you can do bodyweight exercises in the comfort of your own home and without any type of machines. Doing bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, lunges, jumping jacks and body squats in a circuit. Can really help you to improve your fitness results even when you can’t hit the gym that day. As you build up your core strength from bodyweight exercises, you will continue to burn more calories. Work towards more advanced forms of these exercises so that you can get more toned.
downloading an app to track your water usage or even using a water bottle that has a measurement on the side. This can help you to remain well hydrated. Drinking at least 17 ounces of water per day can really help you with your weight loss journey. Staying hydrated can really help with your metabolism and it often results in you consuming less calories especially when you consume water right before a meal time.
Cutting carbs and sugars:
The popularity of diets like the Paleo diet, Dukan diet and Keto diet are still extremely high. You can see some of the benefits of these diets by simply adjusting the time where you are commonly consuming sugars and carbs. By cutting out carbs and sugars after noon, you can start to see a big difference in your belly fat. Fiber filled carbs like vegetables or even quinoa can help you improve your insulin levels and change your metabolism.
Increase protein in your diet:
If 30% of your diet is made up of proteins, it’s likely that you’ll start to see more calories burned and other nutrients that you might consume. Increasing your protein intake can help. It’ll make sure that you’re burning more calories before the end of the day. Proteins can also take much longer to digest. Ensuring that you can feel fuller over a longer period of time. Choosing some hard-boiled eggs or even vegetable-based proteins over heavy carbs can be a far better choice for appetite control and metabolism improvements.
Consider some of these top tips if you are interested in maximizing your results with weight loss for the rest of 2019!
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