Just started training at your local CrossFit gym and not sure what are the best shoes to buy?

It can be a bit of a maze going through your local shopping mall for sure!

Generally speaking, you want to be looking at two types of footwear for your training.

  1. Weightlifting shoes-

Weightlifting footwear have a few advantages over normal ones such as greater stability, more beneficial position for mobility and better feel for the surface you’re lifting on.

According to (Boly,2021).

The best weightlifting shoes for squats are the Adidas powerlifts.

For CrossFit the number 1 overall kicks are the Reebok lifters, If the bulk of your programmes revolves around squatting it is recommended that you use the Adidas powerlift as they are super stable, the grippy sole these shoes will help feel the surface more and will help increase your drive.

2. CrossFit specific shoes-

CrossFit can often require multiple pairs of shoes to get through a (WOD )workout of the day.

Instead of cycling through multiple pair of CrossFit footwear you could just stick to a pair of Reebok Lifter PR II which is versatile enough to handle each task in their own right.

These CrossFit shoes are lightweight shoes that are still durable, isn’t overly-specialized and help support athletes who perform a variety of movements.

Weightlifting kicks have been studied on multiple occasions although it has not been studied in depth.

Studies have shown that weightlifting footwear were seen to be beneficial when reducing forward torso lean, also researchers suggest that weightlifting shoes could be useful tools to increase knee extensor activation.

So, which shoe have you been experimenting with? Let us know what brand works for your training, just comment down below, cheers!

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