What Has CrossFit Done?

Unfortunately CrossFit took a major tumble over throw away statements made by CEO Greg Glassman.

CrossFit has been a sport we ingrained in our minds for the past 2 decades and as a result has helped shaped lives of millions globally.

The intense methodology has inspired everyone under the sun.

My Love of CrossFit training was something I was so passionate about.

It was so strong it even got me kicked out of a crappy gym on Barry’s point road when I was a Personal trainer there upon a time.

We do not condone racial bias in any way shape or form.

Let’s be clear.

Growing up in New Zealand as a immigrant, I have no reservations about sharing my experiences.

I will happily call out gyms & organisations that are run by racially abusive management.

The issue here, is that most are closet racists.

They never reveal themselves, but they do happily demean you behind close doors.

Glassman’s comments were dubious and can be deciphered many ways.

If it was intended as the media sees it, then he had revealed himself.

At best we know what his true colours are, that’s his personal take on things and let that be.

CrossFit to me has always been about the community, friendship and conglomeration of hearty workouts, and that’s enough to keep me on board.


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