Don’t Know What Exercises to Do at the Gym?

Each exercise has a purpose. However, we want the best outcomes with the smallest amount of effort in the shortest time possible when it comes to programming.

These concepts won’t actually work if you just want to perform more exercises for the purpose of performing more.

If you want to maximize the results from your training, you might want to think about the following.

There are three main factors I like to talk about when deciding which exercises to do.

  1. Does it involve a complex movement? It works with more than one joint.
  2. Does it enable you to move through your entire range of movement without limitation?
  3. Thirdly, can you or someone else make steady improvements over a three-to-six-week period without risk?

I have divided this into three categories for the convenience of reference.

Tier 1: 3/3 Principles

For example, a BB back squat. A complex exercise with a full range of motion enables you to consistently increase the weight or repetitions without losing track of the specific muscle group.

Tier 2: 2/3 Principles

An example of this would be the leg press, which does not allow for a full range of motion at the hip. However, it is complex and allows a substantial amount of load.

Tier 3: 1/3 Principles

For instance, a leg extension. There is a full range of movement. Although it is not compound, and due to the shear force it creates on the knee, I would not advise that a client work on it to exhaustion.

Your current level and whether or not there are any constraints that need to be worked through will determine the amount of top-tier exercises and the type of exercises you choose to include in your program.

One Tier 1 activity for each body part could be an example of a full body weights program (Push, Pull, Legs). Any alternative exercises that you may perform either as a tier 2 or a tier 1.

  • BB back squats
  • Wide grip chin-up
  • Flat DB bench press
  • Potentially some core work.

If there are postural difficulties that you want to improve, you may incorporate a wide-grip seated row or a reverse cable fly into your workout routine.

I would suggest if you are performing a leg, push, and pull workout. Per body part, perform 1 tier 1, 1-2 tier 2, and 1-2 tier 3 activities—for example, a leg program.

  • BB back squats
  • leg press
  • leg extension
  • hamstring curl

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