Use it or lose it!

According to a recent NZ Herald article titled “Use it or Lose it,” our culture is weaker, more mentally unwell, and less creative than earlier generations. Thus, these things are all related to our increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

In fact, this is all accurate. Although inactivity is not the primary cause of these problems, it is certainly a significant factor.

Numerous studies have been conducted to demonstrate the significant benefits of regular exercise, such as the following:

speeds up metabolism

enhances confidence

strengthens cardiovascular health

regulates blood sugar

makes bones stronger

provides better sleep

fewer chances of harm

and the list goes on.

We are now starting to notice the following detrimental effects of inactive lifestyles.

increases the chance of getting dementia or Alzheimer’s

33% increase in the risk of injuries

reduces 38% of sleep quality

accelerates the risk of getting heart disease or suffering a stroke 

premature aging

high risk of getting osteoporosis and arthritis

increases 30-35% risk of developing type 2 diabetes

high risk of mental disorders (depression, anxiety, etc.)

So it’s really “use it or lose it”. Nevertheless, this does not imply you have to work out for two hours per day. In addition, to experience all these benefits, it is enough to do one 30-minute weight training activity per week. Moreover, make an effort to remain active with a goal of 5K steps per day.

In recent weeks, I have posted about how to keep yourself motivated:

  • set long-term objectives
  • remove unnecessary tasks from your list
  • celebrate victories
  • plan a vacation
  • prioritize your health

So my recommendation to you is that you plan a workout schedule for this week. Despite the fact that it won’t immediately solve everything, but your future self will be grateful.

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