hard to stay motivated

Is it hard to stay motivated to work out because losing weight is not a top priority right now?

Here are some benefits of incorporating physical exercise that is not associated with losing weight.

✔️ There is less chance of harm. 🏃‍♂️ 

According to a study conducted in 2018 on 7,738 athletes, participation in strength-training programs was found to minimize the risk of injury by 33 percent.

✔️ It makes the bones stronger. 🦴 

Bone remodeling is described by a law proposed by German anatomist and surgeon Julius Wolff. According to Wolff’s Law, bones will strengthen in proportion to the mechanical pressure placed upon them. Moreover, a reduction in tension on the bone will lead to the weakening of these bones.

✔️ It enhances and provides better sleep. 💤 

A 2005 study demonstrated an association between resistance exercise and improved sleep. Thus, six months of resistance training resulted in a 38% improvement in sleep quality for the individuals in this study.

✔️ It supports regulating blood sugar levels. 🎚️ 

Regular resistance exercise enhances glycemic management and muscle strength in those with Type 2 diabetes. In fact, this is according to a 2017 study involving 360 patients.

✔️ It prevents falls and fractures when you get older.👴

A study including 23,407 people over 60 found that those who engaged in a fitness program that incorporated resistance training had a 34% reduction in falls. 

✔️ It helps build and improve confidence. 🙌 

Strength training was correlated with significant increases in numerous aspects of body image, pleasure, and comfort. This is according to a 2015 study on 341 women over ten (10) weeks with two weight training sessions per week.


Remember, when you start, keep your weight training simple. Try to include a leg, push, and pull exercise in each of your weekly two full-body sessions.

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