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Albeit being mostly behind the scenes these days. Coach Miyagi Jordan accumulates over 20 years of training experience both in New Zealand and abroad, when attending his class you shall drop all expectations of a generic gym class, there will be no AMRAP, no 3 sets of 10, and no workouts will be repeated, ever!

One thing is for certain, you are going to have fun sweating buckets, pushed to your potential both physically and mentally.

True fitness, in Miyagi Jordan’s words, is a mental game, and suffering, can be beautiful too!

Miyagi Jordan is available for personal training, online coaching, team training, corporate events and public speaking engagements.


Life Mottos:

” Don’t do things half heartdly, you’d get half hearted results”



What are your fitness/sporting background?

I’ve always been into all sorts of sports. I was the kind of kid that would try any sport. I completed a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science at the age of 21 and worked in regular gyms for a few years and soon realised that I wanted to be able to do more and help more people. Whilst studying Sports Science, I was fortunate to discover Chiropractic. The little I knew about Chiropractic was enough to push me into studying a further 4 years. I am now a Dr of Chiropractic. I know with my knowledge about Chiropractic and Exercise Science, I’m going to do great things for people.

What first attracted your to SPARTAFIT?

The teams’ spirit and motivation is really exciting and I always love to get to work and do my thing. All the individual members/clients of SPARTAFIT also bring so much to the whole team. Their motivation to get the results they want is always there.

What results have you had training here?

Other than gaining A LOT of strength that I had no idea I could ever have, I have also gained great physical benefits such as losing fat and gaining lean muscle. I have never felt this healthy and fit in my life before and I’m getting stronger every day which feels empowering.

What you enjoy most out of coaching others?

I enjoy seeing them push through their regimen and realise they’ve done something they didn’t know they were capable of doing. I also like seeing them be happier and more confident.

Favourite exercise?

I love all exercises that I regularly practice and put myself through but if I had to choose one right now, it would be the Olympic Lifts. It utilises so many muscles at once and makes you so strong.

Worst exercise?

Hard to answer this but I know what I have to work towards now which is the ‘Muscle-Up’!!!

Interesting fact about yourself?

My number one goal and objective is to help people achieve optimal health and wellbeing through Chiropractic care. I strongly believe the philosophy of Chiropractic which is the removal of subluxations within the spine and other areas of the body and letting the body do the healing.
I also want to specialise and do further study and research in Sports and Athletic Chiropractic as I have been able to help and assist many people with their sports and/or exercise already.

Contact Dr Sam for a Chiropractic consult or for fitness/training/nutrition guide purposes on email:

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Sensei Suga comes with over 20 years of Ninjutsu training which he is very passionate about. He also brings Brazilian Jujitsu and Mixed Martial Arts conditioning experience. His philosophy to training has always been complete and effective self protection training where nothing is left out. He is motivated to maximise the natural abilities of all students with a down to earth attitude.

You will find him at Little Ninja, Karate Kids, SPARTA Bootcamp, SPARTAbox (boxing classes) and Kick boxing classes, one of the friendliest humans on earth and such a great trainer/ coach.

Louise Carey


Mother of 4. Love my family time.
Love fitness. Been actively training for 25 years.
Competed in Body Building for 4 years
Played Club Hockey up until 2014 and Club Rugby for Takapuna for 3 years.
Now I’m hooked on Crossfit and have been doing it since 2012.
Enough about me….. i love to here your story!


All-round nice guy, trained years in different CrossFit boxes around the world and specializes in Olympic lifting.
You will find him at the local Northcote shops, cafes, and training at SPARTA sessions, strength and conditioning expert for sure!
Johnny is the most down to earth guy you will ever find, always eager to help every member athlete to achieve more!

  • SPARTAFIT Internship Graduate
  • CrossFit Level – 1 Trainer

You will leave every training session feeling accomplished with the desire to come back for more!


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