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Hey SPARTAFIT family,

We would like to introduce you to Sam, who will be managing and coaching many of the classes here at SPARTAFIT. Sam has been coaching for over 15 years and is also a chiropractor with nearly 10 years of experience.

Sam is excited to take you through some awesome sessions that you will love. By attending regularly, you’ll see how fresh and strong you can become. So give them a go and we look forward to seeing you all at SPARTAFIT!


“Nothing great ever came that easy’
I have always been a firm believer in this quote whether it was in school, gym, or life in general. I have always been ready to learn new things and take on new challenges. I am an ex-competitive swimmer so I am very competitive and willing to do anything that will help me get better at what I do. I have been coaching for just under a little bit under a year but I am willing to learn more to be the best version of myself that I can be so I can change people’s lives.
I did my placement here at SPARTAFIT in my second and third years and learned a lot. It was just right that I continued here with the Spartafit family who made me feel right at home.
Fun fact: I am quadrilingual
Currently studying a Bachelors Degree in Sport and Exercise Science


Introducing Pam, the newest team member at SPARTAFIT. Pam will be joining the team in box classes. Pam was born and raised in Thailand where she completed her undergraduate studies in Sports and Exercise Sciences. After graduation, Pam moved to Singapore where she worked as a full-time Taekwondo instructor. In her role, Pam conducted regular classes for students of various ages, including training athletes for both local and international competitions.

With over 3 years of experience in Singapore, Pam moved to New Zealand to pursue her Master’s degree in exercise physiology. While studying, she remained passionate about the fitness industry and continued to take on different roles including Taekwondo instructor, kick-boxing trainer, and flexibility coach. With this diverse range of experience, Pam has developed her own unique coaching styles.

Pam’s primary goal as a coach is to create a positive atmosphere for children. As someone who had a lot of fun while training Taekwondo and attributes it to shaping her into the person she is today, Pam wants to pass on this message to the next generation. Each of her classes will have a purpose, whether it’s to strengthen, improve coordination, or teach self-defense and self-discipline.

Pam is thrilled to apply her academic knowledge and experience at SPARTAFIT and looks forward to having a great time with the lovely people there. She can’t wait to see you in her class!

You will leave every training session feeling accomplished with the desire to come back for more when you train with our coaches!

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