AN interview with our 6 week challenge winner brad

Today we sit down with our 6 week challenge winner Brad!

We asked Brad some questions about his journey with SPARTAFIT and his 6 week challenge. We want to say a big congratulations to Brad !

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Why did you sign up to the SPARTAFIT 6 week Challenge?

Being a Tradie you exposed to such a difficult lifestyle wake up at the crack of dawn get home at dusk fill yourself up with service station food and rubbish energy drinks I needed a change.

The reason I signed up is because I wanted a Challenge and my competitive self said I can try to win this thing.

I knew it would be hard but if I gave it a go I would end up eating healthier and be way more functional.

My turning point was after I ended up buying XXL clothes and feeling embarrassed to take my shirt off at the beach and struggling to surf. My life was fading away and I needed to get it back. The accountability and app made it an easy choice as I looked at two other challenges in and around my area.


What kept you motivated throughout the 6 weeks?

From week 2 I saw massive results already. I was a big guy so results came quickly. The satisfaction for those results went as quick as they came. I made a promise to my wife and myself that this was it this was the end of my BIG life. The trainers made an effort to know my name and knew my weaknesses and strengths in the gym so when I struggled with exercises they suggested alternates and when they knew where I was strong so pushed me to not slack in areas I could grow. It was like having a personal trainer every session. I gained power back by saying no to foods that came in the way of the goal.


What advice would you give to the next Challenger?

DO IT  it took me 6 years to pick up 10kgs and only 6 weeks to lose. It’s a no brainer be the best you can be the results will come. I took it in two-week cycles my goals were only two weeks long at a time. I would mark my name off on the board and it felt like I was winning a race every time. Wake up go and tell yourself this is eight weeks of my life. My biggest challenge would say don’t make your goals weight but make the effort to get to class and to eat clean. Just getting to class the trainers make your body do things you never knew was possible. It took me about 40 classes basically 30 hours in the gym. The rest was eating and motivation from the app and trainers.


What was your favourite thing about the Challenge?

Trainers are real people with real love and care for your fitness and goals. I can’t stress enough the app was amazing and helped a lot. The training was at full pace all the time. Now I know why it’s only 60 min I would never work that hard in the gym. To burn what I burned in a class would take me 2 hours the way I used to work out. Talk in the phone sit on machines etc.


What part about the Challenge did you find most challenging and how did you push through it?

I would say eating was the hardest part especially in the later part of the challenge your body wants to reward you and that’s when the metal battle becomes real. I started doing a bit of a crazy habit where every time I drove past a fast food place I would flip them the bird to gain some control back Hahahahhahaha I know crazy right. But it made me laugh and vent at the same time but it helped. I also am a tradie so I get up at 5:30 every day and get home at 5 with just enough time to get to the 6 pm class. This was hard and finding the time to provide for your family and get to the gym was tough but I aimed for 3 times a week and I ended up doing it even if I had to make up two days on the weekend.

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