Lockdown Fatigue, is this you during our New Zealand level 4 lockdown number 2?

In a very short time-frame, we have become restricted in what we can do and our routines (habits) have been broken.

To be able to combat lockdown fatigue we need to consider, how do we get our energy back?

Structure, Exercise and Sleep!

It is important, where you live in a shared house, by yourself, or with family, to consider structure, exercise and sleep.

Why is this important?

1. The Importance of Structure

To gain structure we need to plan ahead. We need to think about how our days are structured, try and maintain a routine, and look at ways to fit in exercise and sleep into our daily planning.

Structure means we plan our days and set a routine. This means we get up at the same time, ‘go to work’, plan lesson times, take regular work breaks, plan family time, keep in contact with friends and relatives, exercise and sleep. This sounds OK so far, but we also need to understand the importance of other factors such as getting outdoors.

Being outdoors will boost your serotonin levels. This is good! And works in all weather conditions (as I write this it is raining outside!). Serotonin is associated with boosting mood and helps keep you calm and focused. A lack of serotonin has the opposite effect so will affect how you feel and can lead to mental health issues.

Sunlight has other amazing properties, it provides a source of vitamin D, lowers high blood pressure and even improves brain function.

2. Exercise is a Miracle Cure

Exercise is good for you and even better if it’s done outdoors! The Department for Health and Human Services has put together guidelines on physical exercise for all ages and physical conditions. Plus they’ve put together lots of resources and ideas for getting into physical activity.

Governments have been keen to allow outdoor exercise to continue during lockdown to maintain and improve the health and wellbeing during these difficult times, so make the most of it. We need melatonin from outdoor light to help our body know if it’s light or dark. It helps us sleep and shows how structure, exercise and sleep are all connected to health.

Being healthier also helps us if we become sick as it aids our recovery and improves immune system function.

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3. Good Sleep is Vital

The last thing to talk about is sleep. A good night’s sleep is important for so many reasons and I would encourage you to do a bit of research why – you’ll be surprised!

We should try to get around 7-9 hours of sleep every night. But to get a good night’s sleep we need to plan it.

Where you sleep is important and it should be associated with sleeping.

By removing any light (this includes TVs, smartphones, monitors or anything else that emits light) and sound, and making sure the room temperature is lower than the rest of your home, you will make the environment right for you.

If you like to read before going to sleep, you should consider using a physical book, rather than using an electronic device, as the LED light stimulates the waking brain.

You should consider how your mattress and pillows support you when you sleep. If they don’t, its time to make a change.

There are other ways to wind down to sleep as well. A warm bath is a good way of relaxing yourself before bed, so too is meditation. These both have the effect of helping you fall asleep more quickly.

It’s also important to consider how alcohol and caffeine impact our sleep. Both will affect our sleep patterns, as will sugary foods consumed just before we go to bed. These should be avoided for at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Sleeping is a neglected component of our individual health and wellbeing strategy – we should remember that sleep helps our bodies to repair and prepare us for another day.

5 Tips for a Healthy Nights Sleep:

– Maintain a good routine, this will help to minimize stress

– Get outdoors and exercise

– Turn off screens and avoid sugary foods

– Think about your sleep environment. Is the temperature right? Are there any LED lights in the room?

– Plan to do something that winds you down, like taking a bath or reading

Bringing it All Together

Lockdown is representing change for us all and a challenge for many. Some of it provides us the opportunity to spend time where we have not been able to in the past. How many of us will take up learning a new language, studying subjects we’ve previously neglected, or taken on that creative project that’s been in the back of our mind for ages?

There are unique opportunities for us to grow, but to do so we need to be happy and healthy, and in these uncertain times we need to make sure we’re structured, exercising and sleeping well so that we can stay sane.

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