A 6 WEEK KICKSTART to achieve your health and weight loss goals

  • For all ages and all fitness levels
  • Flexible timings to suit your busy life
  • Progress tracking on our Zen planner app


Before and After - 6 WEEK KICKSTART

Bevan has absolutely smashed his goals in the last few months!

In just 6 weeks he has lost an impressive:

  • 7.4cm off his waist

  • 2.6cm off his  thigh

  • 2.2cm off his upper arm

And he has lost a total of 8kg so far!

his fitness testing results show his fantastic effort and dedication..

  • his knee plank hold has increased from 1min15sec to a SOLID 5min 35sec hold!

  • his knee press ups have jumped from 36 in 1min to 65!

Awesome work Bevan!

  • Her solid 2min25sec squat hold has increased to a massive 5mins (with seriously impressive form maintained!!)

  • Her plank hold has doubled, now at 4mins!

  • She has jumped up to 53 full push ups in 1min (from 35)


Consistent hard work – Congrats Kayla, technique is looking so strong!!

Before and After - Kayla

“Amazing gym, fun classes and friendly atmosphere. I used to go to less mills and city fitness classes, but they never advised on posture and form. Here you get support and assistance. If some moves are too hard, they will advise how to scale it down to your level, but also motivate to go harder.” alla alla

“If you want a good calorie burn in a family friendly gym then Spartafit is for you. Get fit, strong and healthy no matter what age or fitness level.

Workouts change daily and are a combination of H.I.T, F45, and CrossFit.
Experienced, friendly trainers who push and motivate you. Workouts are highly focused on proper movements so no injuries.

Lots of equipment, good parking, nutrition, private coaching, boxing, martial arts, kids classes and chiropractor services in-house.

I highly recommend 10/10 – pop in for a trial class and meet the friendly coach’s and members”  Kim Armstrong

“SPARTAFIT is not just a gym, it’s a culture and community that will transform your fitness and hold you to new level of accountability.” Blandon

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality
Good quality gym very clean and tidy the training instructors are wonderful.” WahabiXD Gaming

Begin Your 6 Week Kickstart!

Our 6 Week Kickstarts are for all ages and all fitness levels.
No matter where you are… all you have to do… is show up.
We know it can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. We have created a safe, fun, & effective results-oriented program just for you. It’s never too late to get healthy, to get fit, and to feel better.
Get results with excellent coaching & support!

We provide an environment to help you achieve success. Group accountability, a vibrant atmosphere and progress tracking on our Zen planner app to stay on top of your goals.

The sessions run for 1 hour Monday through Saturday, with a multitude of times to choose from. For the latest class times, you can contact us or go onto our website and click timetable which you will find under class schedule.

What’s involved in a class?

All our classes begin with a warm up before moving onto our workout of the day, where we will choose a unique set of drills for each session. We then finish with a warm down, important for helping muscles recover and relax.

There is also the option to add Nutrition Support from our state of the art SPARTAFIT Nutrition App. – Contact us today to find out more!
We also have a Fun Exercise Video Library on Youtube, make sure that you subscribe! 

Your Complete Health Ecosystem


Learn about nutrition, fitness and wellbeing with weekly content from real experts.


Nutrition guidance led by a team of professionals.


A comprehensive weekly in-person tracking system, including the 6 week on boarding coaching for progression and motivation.


Achieve your goals with the support of other SPARTAFIT 6 WEEK KICKSTART members!


The 6 WEEK KICKSTART was developed as a community based training environment that offer support and assistance to people seeking to achieve their health and weight loss goals. As part of our 6 WEEK KICKSTART you can invite friends and family to train with you for throughout the Kickstart.