Each week at SPARTAFIT we nominate a top athlete for the week because all of our members put in so much work into this training and we really appreciate the effort.

Top athlete of this week is – Neil C.

top athlete of the week
Age: 39
Training@ SPARTAFIT since: 10 June 2020
Favourite movement: Burpee
What I hate to see on the board: 500 rep WOD
Biggest transformation I’ve experienced as a result of being here: Definitely more defined and fitter
Most memorable SPARTA moment: First day… vomited twice
What others Do not know about you: I have only been in NZ since January 2020
Favourite meal: Chicken, Veg and rice
Favourite quote: Never forget where you come from
The go to workout song: I eventually zone out of the music and focus purely on not passing out
If you were to recommend SPARTAFIT to your friends, what would you say? MOST DEFINITELY
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