Another SPARTAFIT 6 Week Challenge Success!!

Vikram ! His successful 6 week challenge at SPARTAFIT! #6weekchallenge “ Thanks to all the coaches, I was able to achieve this in 6 weeks time. My biggest take away…
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How to Build Stronger Bonds With Your Community Gym

What we live by here at SPARTAFIT Nicknames Nicknames are important in a community gym. In a 2009 researchers examined the intimate language made up of nicknames and code phrases…
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Is Strong The New Sexy?

There’s NOTHING bad about being strong.⁣ ⁣ I try to be as unbiased as possible but this is something I wholeheartedly believe to my freken core: all humans should strive…
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Top Methods for Losing Weight in 2019

Losing weight is never easy and over half way into 2019 you would perhaps have a new weight loss goal. If you wanted to approach a half year resolution aggressively…
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Top 8 Cancer-Fighting Foods That You Should Consume Daily

Top 8 Cancer-Fighting Foods That You Should Consume Daily supported by research! According to the research shown on the US National Library of Medicine, it indicated that cancer is one…
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